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The purpose of a loan policy for the San Bernardino County Museum (hereafter SBCM or Museum) is to support the availability and dissemination of collections materials and information consistent with the Museum's stewardship responsibilities. Loans of objects to or from the Museum are temporary physical transfers of collection objects to or from the institution, without transfer of ownership.

Outgoing Loans

Objects in the permanent collection may be loaned to other museums, agencies, and educational or cultural institutions for the purposes of exhibit, research, identification, education, or conservation. In special instances, at the discretion of the Curator, select individuals who are conducting legitimate research may borrow materials for the purpose of furthering SBCM's research mission. Students wishing to borrow artifacts or specimens must present written permission from a faculty member of his/her institution. A facility report from the borrowing institution and assurance that the borrowing institution's collections care practices meet SBCM standards may be required before a loan is executed.

Objects are not loaned if there is an unreasonable risk to the objects, or if the objects may be put to objectionable use that would reflect upon the integrity of the objects or the Museum. Irreplaceable objects, including type scientific specimens and rare, fragile, or culturally sensitive objects are not available for loan. Original photographs and documents from the Archives are not available for loan. Generally, library materials may be used only on site at the Museum. Some maps may be available for loan.

Curators review and make the final decision to approve or not approve all loan requests. Loan agreements list objects, with loan terms and conditions. Approved loan agreements must be signed by the Curator responsible for the collection and by the borrower.

Agreements are executed for a maximum of one year. An extension is granted if approved by the appropriate Curator. Loaned objects may not be transferred or loaned to a third party. If the borrower wishes to transfer material, a new loan agreement with that third party must be requested from the SBCM Curator.

Borrowers must agree to protect the material borrowed and to pay any assessments arising from loss or damage. When requested, the borrower must provide the Museum with proof of insurance coverage.

The borrower assumes all costs for packing, shipping, and insuring the loaned objects, unless agreed otherwise. When returning the loaned materials to the Museum, the borrower must pack all objects in a manner comparable to that in which the materials were received. Arrangements for the return of borrowed materials must be agreed upon by the SBCM Curator in advance of their return. Upon their return, borrowed materials must be examined and treated, if necessary, for possible pest infestation before they are returned to SBCM collections storage.

If loaned objects are used in public exhibit or referenced in publications, appropriate acknowledgement of the Museum is required. The Museum requests one electronic copy and two paper copies of any publication resulting from the use of collection materials.

Loaned materials may not be altered in any way, or reproduced by casting, photographing, copying, or other methods without written permission of the appropriate Curator. Reproduction in no way transfers the Museum's copyrights or permissions to publish or display. Use of borrowed materials in excess of "fair use" may constitute copyright infringement. Objects borrowed from the Museum collections may not be reproduced for sale by other institutions or individuals without written permission. Identification markings or labels on loaned materials may not be removed or altered in any way by the borrower.

Loaned material may not be subjected to technical examination of any type without the Curator's written permission.

Borrowing researchers may request permission for destructive analysis of materials or specimens by presenting a written proposal justifying such use. The appropriate SBCM Curator will evaluate such proposals according to scientific value, the researcher's qualifications, and the type of sample requested. Researchers must supply the Museum with proof that necessary permits for possessing, transporting, and working with the particular materials have been obtained. (See the SBCM Collections Access and Use Policy.)

Tissue samples will be loaned (granted) only upon evaluation of the project for which the samples are requested. These loans will be made only to institutions where the individual researcher is in good standing. Written requests must be approved by the SBCM Curator for that collection. The request must include a description of the project for which the tissue will be used, evidence of qualifications of the researcher undertaking the project, a list of tissue samples being requested, and justification for use of these particular samples. (See the SBCM Collections Access and Use Policy.)

Incoming Loans

Incoming loans of objects for exhibit, research, identification, or educational purposes are arranged and approved by the appropriate SBCM Curator for up to one year, after which the loan may be extended.

The Museum will exercise the same care with respect to loaned material as it does in the stewardship of comparable property of its own collections. When appropriate, and with the lender's permission, incoming loan materials will be treated for pest infestation upon arrival at the SBCM.

An incoming loan agreement that defines SBCM loan terms and conditions is provided to the lending institution. A lending institution's own loan agreement is acceptable in lieu of SBCM's agreement if its loan terms are comparable to those of the Museum and when County Counsel approves legal terms.

Materials on loan to SBCM may not be transferred or loaned from the Museum to a third party without explicit written permission from the lending institution.

It is the responsibility of the lender to notify the SBCM borrowing Curator or Registrar regarding changes of address or ownership affecting materials on loan. The Museum follows procedures set forth in Sections 1899-1899.11 of the California Civil Code when it is necessary to resolve unclaimed or abandoned loan issues.

The Museum insures incoming loans during transit and while on the premises (wall -to-wall) under its non-owned fine arts insurance policy. In event of damage and possible insurance claims, the lender must notify the Museum within 30 days of return of the borrowed materials. If the lender elects to maintain his/her own insurance coverage, the Museum must be supplied with a Certificate of Insurance.

Permanent Loans

The Museum does not accept objects into its collections as permanent loans, unless exceptional circumstances exist. Permanent loans from individuals who retain ownership of the objects obligate the Museum to insure and preserve such objects for the owner, which is not the Museum's purpose.

In those instances where permanent loans are approved, identification information for lenders must be updated annually. It is the responsibility of the lender to notify the responsible Museum Curator or Registrar regarding changes of address or ownership affecting materials on loan. The Museum follows procedures set forth in Sections 1899-1899.11 of the California Civil Code when it is necessary to resolve unclaimed or abandoned loan issues. The Museum reserves the right to terminate permanent loans as necessary.

Repository Materials

Cultural and natural history objects, under the jurisdiction and at the request of public agencies, may be accepted for storage, preservation, and research in the Museum collections, with the approval of the appropriate Curator. Arrangements for the curation and retrievable storage, including fiscal responsibility, are established according to contractual storage and collections agreements and permits, pursuant to San Bernardino County Fee Ordinance. Repository agreements are exempt from the annual renewal requirements for temporary loans.

Repository objects are processed and curated as accessioned materials, but are numbered as loans and remain the property of the depositor. These materials are made available to professional researchers and other qualified investigators according to the same provisions and conditions as the Museum's owned permanent collections. Repository objects are not loaned for sampling or destructive analysis without documented permission of the depositor.

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