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Crushing Tobacco's Appeal

The TURN mission is to prevent addiction to tobacco and save lives from avoidable illnesses, disabilities and deaths caused by tobacco use. The program goals aim to:
  1. Reduce the sources where youth can obtain tobacco products,

  2. Decrease exposure to secondhand smoke,

  3. Counteract the influence of tobacco advertising, and

  4. Promote ways to help people quit tobacco use.
Join us in crushing tobacco’s appeal in San Bernardino County!

Contact Us


351 North Mountain View Avenue, Second Floor,
San Bernardino CA 92415

Fax: 909-387-0102

This program funded by the State Department of Public Health Contract #07-36
We Can Be of Help

Tobacco Use Reduction Now provides the following services for San Bernardino County residents:
  • Quitting tobacco use

  • Secondhand smoke information and laws

  • Youth and tobacco information

  • Smoking complaints

  • Volunteer opportunities
Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of death in the nation. San Bernardino County’s tobacco use prevalence is higher than the state average. Reducing cigarette consumption increases the health of a community.