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Neglected Swimming Pools (Green Pools)

Unmaintained pools grow algae and bacteria, causing the water to appear green, and become ideal habitats for mosquito development. Depressed housing markets and foreclosures have led to many neglected swimming pools in this County. One single neglected swimming pool can breed millions of mosquitoes that can infest entire neighborhoods, putting residents at risk for West Nile virus.

What can Vector Control do?

bullet Work with a realtor, or property owner if necessary to address the mosquito breeding hazard

bullet Drain the swimming pool at cost to homeowner so it does not breed mosquitoes

bullet Put a pesticide in the pool that inhibits or kills the larvae

bullet Provide information that will help you decide how to manage the pool so no more mosquitoes are produced

What should I do if someone I know has a neglected swimming pool?

Call 1-800-442-2283 or click here to report the pool.

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