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What YOU as a Pet Owner Need to Know about Spaying/Neutering ("Altering")

What does it mean to
have an animal

Having an animal
means that you take
your pet to a licensed
veterinarian (pet
doctor) who performs
an operation that
makes it so your animal cannot have puppies and kittens (or in the case of a male animal, cannot help make puppies and kittens). This is very important because every year thousands of animals have to be killed in shelters all over the country simply because there are not enough homes for all of them. You can do
your part to help stop the pet overpopulation problem by making sure that your animals are spayed and neutered.

The TRUTH about Spaying/Neutering

Spaying/neutering WILL
NOT hurt your pet. Spaying/
neutering is a safe and
relatively painless procedure
that is done by a licensed

Female pets SHOULD NOT
have one litter of puppies or
kittens before being
spayed—this defeats the
whole purpose! It is actually
better for a female to not have a litter or a heat period before being spayed. Most pets can be spayed/
neutered as early as eight to ten weeks of age. Contact your local veterinarian for more details.

Spaying/neutering WILL NOT make your pet fat and lazy. Too much food and not enough exercise is the main cause of obesity in pets, just as it is in people.

Having a male pet neutered WILL NOT take away their "guard dog" instinct. Neutering a dog does not reduce its ability as either a guard dog or a watch dog. He will still be as protective of his territory/family as he was before the surgery.

Dog and veterinarian
Yearly Cost for a Dog License

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