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Animal Care & Control

Licensing Services is responsible for the following:

bullet Canvassing the
county to
insure that all
pet dogs over
the age of four
months are
licensed. The
license fee for
an unaltered
dog is $96/year
versus the license fee for an altered dog, which is $24/year. Senior citizens and disabled persons pay $12/year if their dog is altered. Any animal that a vet says cannot be spayed/neutered due to medical reasons and who has a written letter from a vet will pay $24.00/year for a license. See if you qualify for the county's spay/neuter voucher program.
bullet Assisting shelter staff at pet adoption fairs and other upcoming events (i.e. Be Kind to Animals Week Car Show & Carnival).


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Distributing educational materials
bullet Providing dog licensing services during the county's low-cost rabies clinics, which are conducted by local veterinarians. Clinics are usually held from May through July because this is when most rabies vaccines expire. If your dog's vaccine expires at another time you can go to a local vet to have the shot given.
bullet Distributing educational
to dog/cat owners
in order to help residents
stay abreast of the latest
animal laws so they can
continue to be responsible
pet owners.

If you need to have your pet
vaccinated, please contact your
local veterinarian or check pet
stores to see if they are offering
any vaccination clinics.

Licensing Laws/Ordinances

Rabies information

Veterinary Offices that offer MicroChips




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