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Animal Care & Control

Animal Bites

To report any animal bite or scratch that breaks the skin, immediately provide first aid to the victim and, if warranted, call an ambulance or take the victim to a doctor or hospital Emergency Room; and, contact your local Animal Care & Control Agency. San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control provides services to all unincorporated areas and the Cities of Big Bear Lake, Highland, and Yucaipa. If you are unsure of which agency to contact immediately call San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control at 1-800-472-5609.

Information to Report:

bullet Name address and phone number of person bitten.
bullet Date and time of bite or scratch and the severity of injury.
bullet Description of biting animal and its location.
bullet Name and address of animal owner or keeper, if known.
bullet Circumstances of bite or scratch
bullet Type of treatment provided to person bitten.



Nuisance Animal Noise

To report any nuisance animal noise that is habitual and is at a standard that is considered for most people to be an annoyance and causing discomfort, you may
contact San Bernardino County Animal Care & Control at 1-800-472-5609.

Steps that will be taken by Animal Care and Control Officers if a complaint is received:

bullet The owner of the offending animal(s) will immediately be notified in person and/or in writing about the complaint (your name will not be given).
bullet A formal complaint form will be mailed to you to complete. You may do this at once or if the verbal/written notification does not remedy the problem.
bullet Allow 2 weeks for the notification of complaint letter to take effect.
bullet Upon receipt of 2 or more complaint forms from two different residences, an Animal Control Officer will issue a Notice of Violation ordering the owner to mitigate the nuisance noise. Legally, the animal owner has 14 days to take care of the problem.
bullet If the nuisance noise goes unabated after the notice of violation has expired, you may lodge another complaint. The Animal Control Officer can then issue a third party citation to the owner to appear in court on behalf of one of the complainants. The complainant will also have to appear in court and testify. A judge will decide the merits of the case and may impose a fine or other action.


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