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Preventive Veterinary Services
Veterinary Services is responsible for disease control and prevention among livestock, companion animals, poultry, pet birds, and wild animals.

Veterinary Services, acting in cooperation with the State Veterinarian, enforces all laws of the State of California and all ordinances and regulations approved by the Board of Supervisors of the County of San Bernardino pertaining to the health and sanitary environment of the livestock of the county.

Veterinary Services investigates cases and outbreaks of infectious and communicable diseases, which may threaten the health of animals and consequently human populations of the county.

Veterinary Services staff also enforce the county ordinances and provisions of the County Code which govern animal establishments and other facilities which house or care for animals, some of which include kennels, catteries, pet groomers, petting zoos, and exotic animal facilities.

Some of the other roles of Veterinary Services include:

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bullet Epidemiological disease investigations including positive rabies cases within the county.
bullet Consultation with private veterinary and medical practitioners.
bullet Liaison with other federal, state, and county government agencies, private industry, educational institutions, law enforcement and animal control agencies, humane societies, and livestock groups.
bullet Coordination with other county programs on vector abatement with particular emphasis on prevention of vector-borne zoonoses (diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans).
bullet Complaint investigations either independently or in cooperation with other government agencies regarding alleged animal abuse, illegal animal establishments, sale of sick animals, wild/exotic animals illegally kept as pets, unsanitary animal environments, and illegal animal slaughter.
bullet Sponsorship and participation in low-cost rabies vaccination clinics
bullet Bioterrorism preparedness and prevention.

For more information please contact (909) 387-4862.

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