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Family Health Services
909-388-0100 or 1-800-722-3777
Family Health Services provides referrals for no-cost well-child and adolescent health examinations and immunizations; case management of children with identified health conditions; case management and environmental investigations for children with lead poisoning; health education presentations and materials on various child health topics; and prevention services.

Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP)

Offers free comprehensive health assessments for children, ages birth to 18 who do not have health insurance and meet income guidelines. CHDP contracts with medical providers located throughout San Bernardino County. Comprehensive health assessments include:

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (CLPP) Program

The mission of the program is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning by educating the public, identifying and caring for lead burdened children, and preventing environmental exposures to lead. Program staff are available to provide the following services at no cost:

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bullet Growth and Development Check
bullet Immunizations
bullet Dental Screening
bullet Vision Screening
bullet Hearing Screening
bullet Nutrition Assessment
bullet Health Education
bullet Tobacco Education
bullet Testing for Anemia, Blood Lead, TB and others, as needed
bullet WIC Referral for Children up to age 5
bullet Case Management, when necessary
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bullet Case management services by Public Health Nurses to include home visits, counseling, assistance in identifying lead hazards in the home, referrals to WIC, CHDP, and other appropriate resources.
bullet Nutritional education and assessment by a Registered Dietician
bullet Home environmental sampling of the paint, soil, and dust by an Environmental Health Specialist.
bullet Capillary testing training to health care providers, and technical assistance regarding the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health Services screening guidelines.
bullet Community outreach and education via presentations and community event participation.
bullet Investigation of complaints from agencies, businesses and the public of unsafe renovation and remodeling activities that put a child at risk of lead exposure
bullet Multilingual lead-related educational materials (English - En EspaƱol)

RX for Kids

PHN consulting services to CPS emergency workers, monitors medical care of children in foster care, medically case manages foster children on psychotropic medications, or who have special health care needs or exposure to a drug lab (DEC). PHN's interview parents at court in order to begin a health and education passport for each child in out of home placement and monitor the child for timely examination and completion of all needed medical follow-up.

Public Health Nursing Field Services

Home, office, or telephone visits to address suspected health problems of families that are reported by community sources and not eligible for other public health nursing services. Services are provided countywide.

School Health Contracts

PHN services provided via contracts with San Bernardino County Schools and/or individual school districts for mandated health services.

Student Placement Coordination

Provides internship placement, "hands on" training, and experience for students in state approved nursing programs that have an agreement with teh Department of Public Health for student placement.

State Newborn Screening Program

The newborn Screening Program follows up on all newborns that have an inadequate newborn screening. Inadequate newborn screenings may include the following: Congenital PKU, Primary Congenital Hypothyroidism, Balactosemia, Sickle Cell Disease, and Hemoglobin H Disease.

Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care (HCPCFC)

Services provided to children in out-of-home placement in both DCS and Probation to ensure they obtain the necessary assessment according to CHDP medical guidelines and periodical schedule. All health assessment documents are kept in a health and education passport.

Screening, Assessment, Referral, and Treatment (SART) Program

Screening, Assessment, Referral, and Treatment (SART) Programs have two major components: Perinatal (pregnant women) and children ages 0 - 5.

The SART teams are composed of an extensive group of public and private partners. Team members include the Children's Network, First 5, County Departments of Public Health (DPH), Behavioral Health (DBH), Alcohol and drug services (ADS), and Children's Services (DCS). In addition, the Children's team includes the Desert/Mountain Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA), West End SELPA, Inland Regional Center, Cal State San Bernardino, LLUMC, Christian Counseling Services, and the Local Child Care Planning Council.

The mission of the Perinatal SART model is to institute a process of screening and assessment of all pregnant women in San Bernardino County for drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, followed by referral to appropriate treatment programs.

The guiding vision for the Children's SART Model of Care is: Children ages 0 - 5 within the context of their families, will be screened, assessed, and referred for treatment through a universal collaborative and standardized process that strengthens and builds on existing programs in the community. It is an integrated system of health and behavioral health and child welfare, which will ensure access to appropriate early intervention services for children (0 -5 years of age) in San Bernardino County. The core over-arching strategy is the development of a comprehensive Model of Care for children at risk for developmental, emotional, or behavioral problems due to exposure to alcohol and other drugs, child abuse and neglect, and/or other environmental or developmental factors.